Creating Your Brand Identity

A brand that sucks isn't much of a brand.

Your company’s brand identity is not something that can quickly be thrown together. An impactful look and feel across brochures, business cards, websites, presentations, social media, and any other marketing material is a crucial step in getting your company to stand out from your competitors.

Things to keep in mind

Research your industry

Is there a trend in the industry leaders fonts, colors, tone, etc? Do you want to utilize those trends or do you want to be edgy and go against the grain? Your choice here will say a lot about your company and the stance you are trying to establish within the market.

Make It Scalable

When it comes to an asset like a logo, a scalable company logo is the one that does not lose its sense of proportion. Logos are versatile designs that appear on almost everything you send out, therefore make sure you build it right. It’d be a shame to see a grainy version of your logo on a billboard.

Think Different

We all remember the things that stand out, especially when a brand does something unique. Take, for example, the Apple logo. We instantly recall the company whenever we see an apple with a bite out. Despite its simplicity, there are numerous factors that made Apple, Apple.

Adopt Minimalistic Approach

One of the surefire ways to make sure your brand identity stands out is to remove all the excessive elements. So, keep only those colors, shapes, lines, symbols, fonts that are just enough to convey a message. Any element that is unnecessarily occupying design space should be eliminated.

Test It Across All Platforms

Don’t forget that your brand will appear on different online and physical platforms. So, any asset may appear impressive on a printing paper, but find out if it looks the same on the front of a building. Use mockups to demonstrate how your logo will look on different mediums.

Give It A Deeper Meaning

One of the most important things to make a brand identity pop is its meaning or message. More than being a remarkable visual, your brand identity should be symbolically conveying some deeper meaning (i.e your mission statement).