Maximizing CRM Data

Your target's been acquired.

If you’ve been collecting CRM data (i.e phone numbers or emails), there’s an often overlooked step you can be taking to utilize this information to its full capabilities.

CRM + Social Media

Aside from the obvious email marketing campaign you can run, consider using your phone number and/or email lists on social media to hyper-target your existing audience. By uploading these lists to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, you have the ability to target your existing clientele with niche messaging since you know for certain they know/use your service/product.

Be conscious of the fact that audiences need to be a certain size to be used:

Audience Size Minimums

  • Facebook/Instagram: 1,000 matched users
  • Twitter: 300 matched users
  • LinkedIn: 300 matched users (emails only)

Lookalike Audiences

Whether your CRM lists meet the minimum quota to develop targetable audiences or not, don’t stress. The lists can always be used to create “lookalike” audiences.

The idea behind a lookalike audience is that a platform can take your list, run it against their backend data, and determine that the members on your list have x,y,z in common. You can then target other users on their platforms with these common features.

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