Disrupting the bustling industry of fine dining.

For any foodie with an expensive taste, 3ee is the service you need. 3ee’s goal was to develop a dining experience that allowed their members to make reservations at the most elite restaurants in NYC. Members would be limited to a certain amount of reservations per month based on their subscription level.

“3ee wanted to bring the hospitality of a world-class golf club and bring it to the restaurant business.”

Upon arriving to a restaurant, members would be greeted by name, seated immediately and walk out without paying on the spot. 3ee wanted to bring the hospitality of a world-class golf club and bring it to the restaurant business, taking care of payment and invoicing the customer later. This allowed the member to avoid the extended end to a meal waiting for the check, while also ensuring your guests don’t try to cover the bill on your behalf.


Although 3ee had a relatively simple idea, advanced functionality was needed to make the service work as smoothly as possible. The most intricate part of the process came when it was time to determine the information architecture and user flow - ensuring that users could quickly sign up for 3ee, manage their subscription, make a reservation at a desired restaurant, and complete a payment. Similarly, restaurants needed access to 3ee in order to get client information and invoice.


WeDIA looped in both designers and developers to come up with feasible options that were visually pleasing, while not resulting in a coding nightmare. By having a user-first mindset, WeDIA trimmed down as much information as possible in an effort to have the user take a minimal amount of steps for each part of the process.


3ee has begun private testing amongst a select set of users. So far, the feedback has been nothing but positive as both restaurants and members are experiencing a faster and more enjoyable experience.