Bringing community to a hotel.

This sleek high-rise hotel in the financial district is 2 blocks from the New York Stock Exchange, 7 blocks from South Street Seaport and 8 blocks from the World Trade Center. With modern loft-style rooms that feature 11-foot ceilings, oak floors and bleached wood window seats, Andaz Wall Street is a beautiful property for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of Manhattan while simultaneously avoiding the crowds midtown.


Andaz needed to highlight the community they were located in, but struggled to diversify their content beyond traditional posts of rooms and event spaces. Aside from the property itself, how could we shed light on the abundance of activities, events, restaurants, and attractions that were right in the neighborhood? Doing so would solidify that Andaz was the perfect hotel for your next trip to NYC.

“They wanted to be a relevant part of that community.”

Another aspect to be mindful of was that Andaz didn’t want to just show off the community they happened to be in the middle of, they wanted to be a relevant part of that community. The task was to not simply take advantage of a flashy location, but to contribute and give back - an aspirational goal that WeDIA is/was humbled to contribute to.


Andaz and WeDIA started small. The teams began with a brainstorming session to discuss some of the key elements that have made the Financial District attractive to more than just investment bankers and the usual Wall Street crowd. Outside of running traditional ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, WeDIA suggested the idea of an “Insta-meet” hosted by Andaz.

“…how better to become a part of a community than to work with the people that embody that community?”

The theory behind this was multifold. For starters, we knew the property needed an abundance of high quality content outside of the hotel, while remaining conscious of budgets. Additionally, how better to become a part of a community than to work with the people that embody that community? Not only would we bring the community together, but the event would supply the hotel with hundreds of photos to use on their marketing efforts.

In collaboration with a couple leading Instagram pages, Andaz and WeDIA put on a 200+ person insta-meet. Both professional and amateur photographers attended, resulting in an amazing opportunity for the photography community to come together and get to know each other. The underlying idea was that we utilize the hotel as the starting and ending point of the event, while in between, the group would explore and photograph some of the top attractions located in Lower Manhattan. As they came back from their exploration, the properties beer garden had free drinks ready to for an evening celebration.

Creators had the opportunity to win a free weekend stay by tagging the hotel in their photos on social media - resulting in the gaining of hundreds of followers and providing the WeDIA with a portfolio of professional visuals to share on Andaz’s social channels.


Aside from supplying WeDIA with content, Andaz successfully took its first step in being an active member of the community. Social media is meant to be social, and Andaz completely embraced the opportunity to do something different. Andaz has seen an increased interest through social media in the form of positive reviews and click throughs to their booking site. We are thrilled to see how our experience in the social media world played an active part in bringing a community together.

Since then, Andaz has hosted similar events to increase awareness around the opening of their remodeled restaurant and updated rooms/event spaces.