Not Blue Designs

Fixing a sudden decrease in ad performance.

After having a personal experience of a collarbone injury, founder Kate Kirilcuk came up with an idea that would combine her many years as a fashion designer with the experience of being a patient frustrated with the banal industry of medical wear. Thus the concept of Not Blue Designs was born: fashionable medical accessories for those on the mend who still want to look and feel great.


Having largely dominated the “fashionable medical accessories” niche for years, Not Blue Designs was surprised when they saw a sudden decrease in website traffic. The plummet hurt sales, resulting in the need for a quick resolution.

WeDIA was tasked with determining two things; Immediate goal. Determine what caused the seemingly random drop in click throughs on their existing Google Ads campaigns. Long-term goal. Provide SEO recommendations Not Blue Designs can implement overtime to increase the likelihood of the site appearing on the first page of Google when specific keywords/phrases are searched for.


With access to the necessary channels and historical data around site traffic and sales, WeDIA conducted an in depth Phase 1 Audit of the existing website and SEM campaigns. The objective was to analyze Not Blue Designs internal efforts along with emerging competitors whose marketing strategies may be outbidding Not Blue Designs on certain keywords/phrases.


Having located problems within a few of the Search campaigns (i.e certain constraints changed with the release of an updated Google Ads), WeDIA helped restore and increase site traffic/ad performance.

Because of SEO recommendations provided we have seen Not Blue Designs rank become more favorable for certain organic search terms - favoring Not Blue Designs over their competition.