An accounting tool for freelancers.

If running a company wasn’t hard enough, land yourself a job as an independent contractor/owner of a small company and you will quickly realize that not only are you the CEO of a company, but you’re frequently everything else too. Bookkeeping, project management and expense tracking can quickly become a full time job you didn’t know you signed up for.

While tools like Quickbooks and Xero exist, and can be bootstrapped to get the job done, there is little out there built to cater to the self-employed market. This is where a trio from Philadelphia found an opportunity to build an app and that could simplify the process and make finance tracking manageable through a design-first mindset.

Meet vestd.


The team from vestd came in with a lot of great ideas. They had successfully narrowed down the problem the app was solving and the market they were catering to. Complexity arose when it came time to agree on which platform(s) the app should be built on, which features to build out first, and how to price the service.


Together, vestd and WeDIA went through an elaborate Product Design Sprint (PDS). The result was a new-found industry knowledge (finance/expense reporting), competitor pricing, and a clear path forward toward the MVP.

At the time of this writing, the app is in private beta testing.