Exploring a path less traveled.

Volcom is a lifestyle brand that designs, markets, and distributes boardsports-oriented products. Inspired by creative spirit, Volcom was founded in 1991 primarily produces clothing, footwear, accessories, and related products for the persistent who are true to their passions.


Volcom is always leaps ahead of the game when it comes to developing content. In early 2018 WeDIA was asked to develop visuals that will supplement the launch of apparel and accessories for 2019. Unlike traditional shots of people surfing and skateboarding, Volcom wanted to tap into the “adventuring instagrammer” theme - highlighting the path less traveled.


WeDIA put together a shot list and a day-to-day outline to send three creatives on an action packed adventure of a lifetime. While most who are fortunate enough to visit Australia stick to the traditional sightseeing spots like Sydney and Melbourne, we wanted to ensure that the assets we created played into Volcom’s core values of being the brand for “the persistent”. Those who seek adventure where others won’t go. We suggested our crew capture the relatively unseen west coast of Australia.


After a quick sprint through untouched roads, sand dunes, camping grounds and refreshing waters, WeDIA provided Volcom with an abundance of assets.