Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Step 1: Moodboard

Did someone say moodboard?! It’s time to call the colleague that’s still obsessed with Pinterest.

Share anything that has inspired you to create these assets. What visuals have you seen that accurately capture what you’re hoping to accomplish? This content provides WeDIA a clear understanding of the look and feel you want your final deliverable(s) to embody.

In an era where “if it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen”, WeDIA creates content with a social-first mindset.

If you’re interested in learning more about determining how to develop an aesthetic, check out our blog post Establishing Your Aesthetic.

Step 2: Shoot

Whether it’s an event, product or headshot, WeDIA is prepared to have multiple photographers/videographers on location and prepped with your moodboard in mind.

Step 3: Edit & Optimize

Similar to our design process, our content editing is built in a format to allow for iterations. An example schedule may be:

Round 1

  • Initial edit of all photos/videos
  • Client review/feedback - finalizing which photos/videos they will move forward with

Round 2

  • Make edits and revisions to selected photo/video
  • Client review/feedback

Round 3

  • Make edits and revisions to final client approved assets
  • Final tweaks
  • Deliver assets