Design and Brand Identity

Create something people can't stop thinking about.

Phase 1: Understand the “Why?”

An essential part to developing any sort of branding or design asset (i.e logo, presentation, packaging, etc) is to first understand your companies “why?” WeDIA is adamant about learning why you do what you do so we can carry core your values and passion to the visuals that represent your company.

To learn more about what to focus on when developing an asset, check out our blog post Creating Your Brand Identity.

Phase 2: Mockups & Examples

Draw it on a napkin - literally! No matter how bad you may be at drawing, give it a shot. This simple visualization will give WeDIA valuable insight into what is currently inspiring your reason for hiring us, and the direction we should first explore.

Share any previous marketing materials and brand guidelines. This is a perfect time to divulge what you like or don’t like about past efforts, furthering our understanding of how you want the company to be represented.

Phase 3: Iterations

We now have what we need to begin our iterative design process. An example schedule may be:

Round 1

  • Develop 3-5 initial design concepts
  • Client review/feedback

Round 2

  • Make edits and revisions to 1-2 Client approved designs
  • Client review/feedback

Round 3

  • Make edits and revisions to 1 Client approved design
  • Finalize design
  • Deliver final design and all deliverables