What gets measured gets improved.

Phase 1: Research, Discovery & Strategy

Similar to our social media marketing process, a Research, Discovery and Strategy phase is a vital part of our process. During this phase, WeDIA learns how your website is currently ranking within Search, insight into what your competitors are doing (both right and wrong), initial assessment of your sites existing SEO efforts and reviewal of past Google Ads efforts.

WeDIA then goes page by page on your site, outlining our recommendations to help your site rank higher within Search. We will also make suggestions on how to optimize your Google Ads strategy.

To learn more about the difference between SEO and SEM, check out our blog post SEO vs SEM for Newbies.

The final deliverable is a 15+ page PDF that includes an executive summary, competitive landscape analysis, reporting/benchmark recommendations, page by page suggestions, and multiple budget options for on-going execution by WeDIA. We then arrange a call or meeting to walk you through a modest deck that highlights some of the key findings, addresses your questions, and provides clarity around budget options.

You will be presented 2-3 different options for WeDIA’s on-going execution. The difference between these options is dependent upon which suggestions you’d like to implement, paid media spend (the amount of money you spend on ads), and paid media campaign development/management. These options are informed by the research and discovery done throughout the initial part of this phase.

Phase 2: Execution

With an agreed upon scope in place, WeDIA will begin to implement/optimize SEO on your site and create SEM campaigns (Google Ads). Our process is focused on iterating and optimizing over time to ensure that while your website gains more traffic, we are constantly quantifying and qualifying a variety of content and audiences. Understanding what resonates with your audience(s) is an essential tool for long-term growth and cost effective advertising.

Through a paid approach (i.e Google Ads), you are able to target specific micro audiences based on the keywords/phrases that they search for within a variety of search platforms. This form of advertising is widely accepted as the most accurate and cost effective form of advertising.