Social Media Marketing

Activate your fans, don't just collect them.

Phase 1: Research, Discovery & Strategy

A Research, Discovery and Strategy phase is a vital part of our process as it not only provides our team with an opportunity to fully understand the conversation taking place around your company/industry on social media, but it also gives insight into what your competitors are doing (both right and wrong), opportunities in the social sphere for a new thought leader, and gives all parties a clear sense regarding the process and choices going forward. It also provides an opportunity for our teams to collaborate and get comfortable working with one another.

The final deliverable is a 20+ page PDF that includes an executive summary, competitive landscape analysis, earned and paid social media strategy by channel, reporting/benchmark recommendations and multiple budget options for ongoing execution by WeDIA. We then arrange a call or meeting to walk you through a modest deck that highlights some of the key findings, addresses your questions, and provides clarity around budget options.

You will be presented 2-3 different options for WeDIA’s on-going execution. The difference between these options is posting frequency, paid media spend (the amount of money you spend on ads), and paid media campaign development/management. These options are informed by the research and discovery done throughout the initial part of this phase.

Phase 2: Execution

With an agreed upon scope in place, WeDIA builds out content in one month increments, allowing time to receive necessary approvals prior to a post going live and ensuring that we stick to a frequent posting schedule - a fundamental rule to growing strong organic reach.

We understand that not everything can be planned out a month in advance. In these instances, we quickly work a new post into the existing pipeline, get your feedback, and push the post live. The “month-in-advance” content is intended to guarantee “x” amount of posts per day/week/month with room to work in real-time events and announcements.

Our process is intended for iteratization and optimization over time to ensure that while your channels grow, we are constantly quantifying and qualifying a variety of content and audiences. Understanding what resonates most with your audience(s) is an essential tool for long-term growth and cost effective advertising.

As social platforms continue to double down on their pay-to-play algorithms, a thorough paid approach is an absolutely essential part of your digital strategy. Through a paid approach (i.e Facebook Ads), WeDIA is capable to target your audience(s) based on their interests, age, email, phone number, location, job title, keywords, etc.

To learn more about how social media has evolved, check out our blog post here: How to Utilize Social Media in 2019.